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Title: Database Management System And Oracle (Code-09050307)

B.Sc. (Hons), Semester-III

S.No. Topic Domain Hours as per UGC
1 Basic concepts:File system vs DBMS, Advantages and disadvantages of DBMS. Objectives of a database, Database systems concept and architecture, Data modelling for a database: records and files, abstraction and data integration, DBMS: Relational, Network and Hierarchical, Relational Data Manipulations: Relational Algebra, Relational Calculus, SQL Must know 14
2 Relational Database Design: Functional dependencies, Finding keys:1st to 3rd NFs, CNF, Lossess Join and Dependency preserving decomposition, Query processing: General strategies for query processing, query optimization, query processor, Database security issues and recovery techniques Must know 12
3 Introduction to Oracle: Modules of Oracle, Invoking SQLPLUS, Data types, Data constraints, Operators, Data manipulation: Create, modify, insert, delete and update, Searching matching and oracle functions, SQL*Forms: Form construction, user-defined form, multiple-record form, Master-detail form, PL/SQL Blocks in SQL*Forms, PL/SQL syntax, Data types, PL/SQL functions, Error handling in PL/SQL, Package functions, package procedures, Oracle transactions Must know 10




SQL*Report Writer: Selective dump report, Master-detail Report, Control-break Report, Test report, Database, Triggers: Use & type of database Triggers, Database Triggers vs SQL*Forms, Database Triggers vs Declarative Integrity Constraints, BEFORE vs AFTER Trigger Combinations, Creating a Trigger, Dropping a Trigger Nice to know 14


Books Recommended:

  1. Using Oracle-8 by Austin (Prentice-Hall of India )
  2. Oracle 8 by Ivan Bayross (BPB Publication)
  3. Special Edition Using Oracle 8/8i by Jr. Page (Prentice-Hall of India)
  4. Teach Yourself More VB in 21 days by Days Maver (Techmedia)