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Environmental Sciences – II

Code – 09050213

B.Sc. Mathematics (Hons) – 2nd  semester

S.No. Topic Domain Hours as per UGC
1 ·         Environment Introduction:

·         Biotic and A biotic environment, adverse effects of Environmental Pollution, Control Strategies, Various Acts and Regulation.

Must know 14
2 ·         Water Pollution:

·         Water Quality Standards for potable water, Surface and underground water sources, Impurities in water and their removal, Denomination, Adverse effects of domestic waste water and industrial effluent to surface water sources, Eutrophication of lakes, Self purification of streams.

·         Air Pollution:

·         Sources of air contaminations, Adverse effects on human health, Measurement of air quality standards and their permissible limits, Measure to check air pollution, Greenhouse effect, Global warming, Acid rain, Ozone depletion.

·         Land Pollution:

·         Soil Conservation, Land Erosion, A forestation, Ecology Business of Species, Biodiversity, Population Dynamics, Energy flow, Ecosystems

Must know 15
3 ·         Bio Medical Waste Management:

·         Introduction to Bio-Medical Waste, Types of Bio-Medical Waste, Collection  of Bio-Medical Waste, Treatment and safe disposal of Bio-Medical Waste.

·         Solid Waste Management:

·         Introduction to Solid Waste, Its collection and disposal, Recovery of resources, Sanitary land-filling, Vermin-composting, Hazardous waste management.

Nice to know 8
4 ·         Social Issues and the Environment:

·         Sustainable development and life style, Urban problems related to energy, Resettlement and rehabilitating of people, Environmental ethics, Consumerism and waste products ,Water Harvesting and Rural Sanitation-Water harvesting techniques, Different schemes of Rural Water Supply in Rajasthan, Rural Sanitation, Septic Tank, Collection and disposal of wastes, Bio-gas, Community Awareness and participation, Miscellaneous, Non-Conventional (Renewable) sources of energy, Solar energy, Wind energy, Bio-mass energy, Hydrogen energy.

Nice to know 10

Books Recommended:

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