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S.No. Topic Domain Hours as per UGC
1 ·         Definition, scope, methodology and applications of OR Must know 10
·         Types of OR models
·         Concepts of optimization
·         Linear programming: Introduction, Formulation of LPP
·         Requirements for LPP, Advantages and limitations of LP
·         Graphical solution: Multiple, unbounded and infeasible solutions
2 ·         Principle of simplex method: Standard form, basic solution, basic feasible solution Must know 15
·         Computational Aspects of Simplex Method: Cases of unique feasible solution, no feasible solution
·         Multiple solution and unbounded solution and degeneracy
·         Two phase and Big-M methods
3 ·         Duality in LPP, primal-dual relationship Must know 15
·         Transportation Problem :Methods of finding basic feasible solution of a transportation problem
·         Modified distribution method for finding the optimum solution
·         Unbalanced and degenerate transportation problems
·         Transshipment problem
·         Maximization in a transportation problem
4 ·         Assignment Problem: Solution by Hungarian method, Unbalanced assignment problem Must know 12
·         Maximization in an assignment problem, Crew assignment and travelling salesman problem
·         Game theory: Two person zero sum game, Game with saddle points, the rule of dominance
·         Algebraic, graphical, and LP methods for solving mixed strategy games