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Title: Organic Special -IV  (Code-09040413)

S.No. Topic Domain Hours as per UGC
1 Interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter, types of excitations, fate of excited molecule desirable to know 12
quantum yield, transfer of excitation energy, actinometry.
Photochemistry of Alkenes: Intramolecular reactions of the olefinic bond- geometrical isomerism, cyclisation, rearrangement of 1,4  and 1,5 – dienes must know
Photochemistry of Carbonyl Compounds: Intramolecular reactions of carbonyl  compounds, saturated and cyclic compounds
Photochemistry of Carbonyl Compounds:  acyclic and α,β unsaturated compounds, Cyclohexadienones
2 Intermolecular cycloaddition reactions – dimerisation and oxetane formation. must know 10
Photochemistry of Aromatic Compounds:Isomerisations, addition reactions, substitutions reactions
Photo-Fries reactions of anilides,  Photo-Fries rearrangement, Barton reaction
Singlet molecular oxygen reactions, Photodegradation of polymers
Free Radicals:  Free radicals stability, generation and detection. nice to know
Types of free radical reactions, free radicals substation at an aromatic substrates
Hunsdiecker reaction.
3 Molecular orbital symmetry, Frontier orbitals of ethylene, 1,3-butadiene, 1,3,5-hexatriene and allyl system. must know 9
Classification of pericyclic reactions, Woodward – Hoffmann correlation diagrams, FMO and PMO approach
Electrocyclic reactions – conrotatory and disrotatory motions, 4n, 4n+2 and allyl systems.
 Cycloadditions – antarafacial and suprafacial additions, 4n and 4n+2 systems,
 Sigmatropic rearrangements – suprafacial and antarafacial shifts of H, sigmatropic shifts involving carbon moieties,
sigmatropic shifts involving carbon moieties, 3,3-and 5,5-sigmatropic rearrangements. Claisen and Cope rearrangements desirable to know
4 Conformational analysis of medium and large membered rings, trans annular reactions must know 10
conformational analysis of cyclohexanone
Effect of conformation on reactivity of acyclic and cyclic compounds.
Stereochemistry of nitrogen containing compounds
 strain and their consequences in small ring heterocycles
conformation of six membered heterocyles
Barrier to ring inversion and pyramidal inversion and 1,3-diaxial interactions


Books Recommended:

1 Rohtagi, K.K. and Mukherji. Fundamentals of Photochemistry.

2  Gilbert, A. and J. Baggot. Essentials of Molecular Photochemistry.

3  Turo, N. J. and W.A. Benjamin. Molecular Photochemistry.

4 Cox, A. and T. Camp. Introductory Photochemistry.

5  Kundall, R.P. and A. Gilbert. Photochemistry.

6  Coxon,J. and B. Halton. Organic Photochemistry.

7 Chapman, Orville L. Organic Photochemistry.

8  Kan, Robert O. Organic Photochemistry.

9  Mukherji, S.M. Pericyclic Reactions.

10  Woodward, R.B. and R. Hoffman. The Conservation of Orbital Symmetry.

11  Lehr, R.E. and A.P. Merchant. Orbital Symmetry.