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Title: Physical Chemistry-I  (Code-09040102)

S.No Topic Domain Hours
  Unit I    
1 Postulates of Quantum Mechanics Nice to know 1 hrs
2 Derivation of Schrodinger wave equation; Max-Born interpretation of  ψ and the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle Nice to know 2 hrs
3 Quantum mechanical operators and their commutations relation, Hermition operators, (elementary ideas, quantum mechanical operator for linear momentum and angular momentum as Hermition operator) Must Know 3 hrs
4 Schrodinger wave equation for a particle in one dimensional box; evaluation of average position, average momentum and determination of uncertainty in position and momentum and hence Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle Must Know 2 hrs
5 Pictorial representation of the wave equation of a particle in one dimensional box and its influence on the kinetic energy of the particle in each successive quantum level, lowest energy of the particle. Nice to know 2 hrs
  Unit II
1 Brief resume of first and second Law of thermodynamics Good To Know 1 hrs
2 Entropy changes in reversible and irreversible processes; variation of entropy with temperature , pressure and volume Nice to know 2 hrs
3 entropy concept as a measure of unavailable energy and criteria for the spontaneity of reaction; Must Know 2 hrs
4 free energy functions and their significance, criteria for spontaneity of a process Good To Know 3 hrs
5 partial molar quantities (free energy, volume ,heat concept), Gibb’s-Duhem equation; Nice to know 3 hrs
  Unit III
1 Effect of temperature on reaction rates, Rate law for opposing reactions of Ist order and IInd order, Rate law for consecutive & parallel reactions of Ist order reactions, Must Know 3 hrs
2 Collision theory of reaction rates and its limitations, steric factor, Activated complex theory Good To Know 2 hrs
3 Ionic reactions: single and double sphere models, influence of solvent and ionic strength Nice to know 2 hrs
4 The comparison of collision and activated complex theory. Must Know 2 hrs
  Unit IV
1 The Debye -Huckel theory of ion- ion interactions Must Know 2 hrs
2 Potential and excess charge density as a function of distance from the central ion Good To Know 3 hrs
3 Debye Huckel reciprocal length, ionic cloud and its contribution to the total potential, Debye – Huckel limiting law of activity coefficients and its limitations Nice to know 4 hrs
4 Ion – size effect on potential, ion -size parameter and the theoretical mean – activity coefficient in the case of ionic clouds with finite – sized ions Good To Know 3 hrs
5 Debye – Huckel -Onsager treatment for aqueous solutions and its limitations Must Know 2 hrs
6 Debye-Huckel-Onsager theory for non-aqueous solutions, the solvent effect on the mobility at infinite dilution Nice to know 3 hrs
7 Equivalent conductivity (Ù) vs. concentration c1/2 as a function of the solvent, effect of ion association upon conductivity (Debye- Huckel – Bjerrum equation). Must Know 2 hrs


Books Recommended:
1. Glasstone, S. Thermodynamics for Chemists.
2. Barraw, G.M. Physical Chemistry.
3. Srivastava, R.C., S.K. Saha and A.K. Jain. Thermodynamics.
4. Bockris, J.O.M. and A.K.N. Reddy. Modern Electrochemistry Vol.1
5. Laidler, K.J. Chemical Kinetics.
6. Frost, A. & G.Pearson. Kinetics & Mechanism of Reaction Rates.
7. Eyring, H. Modern Chemical Kinetics.
8. laidler, K.J., H.Eyring & S. Glasstone Theories of Reaction Rates.
9. Glasstone, S. Theoretical Chemistry.