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Title: Physical Chemistry-I  (Code-09040307)

S.No Topic Domain Hours
  Unit I    
1 Thermodynamics of electrified interfaces Nice to know 1 hrs
2 Electrocapillary thermodynamics, non-polarizable interface and thermodynamic equilibrium Nice to know 2 hrs
3 Fundamental thermodynamic equation of polarizable interfaces Must Know 3 hrs
4 Determination of excess charge density on the electrode, electrical capacitance and surface excess of the interface Must Know 2 hrs
5 Potential of zero charge, Helmholtz-Perrin model, Gouy – Chapman model and Stern model of electrified interfaces. Nice to know 2 hrs
  Unit II    
1 The thermal dismantling of an ionic lattice, characteristics of ionic liquids Must Know 2 hrs
2 The fundamental problems in the study of pure liquid electrolytes, models of simple ionic liquids Good To Know 3 hrs
3 Lattice oriented models (the vacancy model, the hole model Nice to know 3 hrs
4 Quantification of the hole model, the Furth approach to the work of hole formation, distribution function for the sizes of the holes and the average size of a hole    
5 Rate of charge- transfer reactions under zero fields, under the influence of an electric field, Must Know 3 hrs
6 The equilibrium exchange current density, the non-equilibrium drift-current density (Butler – Volmer) equation Good To Know 2 hrs
7 Some general and special cases of Butler- Volmer equation, the high-field and low-field approximations, physical meaning of the symmetry factor Nice to know 2 hrs
8 Preliminary to a second theory , a simple picture of the symmetry factor and its dependence on overpotential.  Polarizable and non-polarizable interfaces Must Know 2 hrs
  Unit III    
1 Surface tension, capillary action, pressure difference across curved surface (Leplace equation) Must Know 2 hrs
2 Gibb’s adsorption equation and its applications Good To Know 3 hrs
3 Determination of BET equation and its application for the determination of surface area Nice to know 4 hrs
4 Surface active agents and their classification, concept of micelles, critical micelle concentration (cmc) Good To Know 3 hrs
5 Determination of cmc by conductivity and surface tension methods Must Know 2 hrs
6 factors affecting cmc, counter – ion binding to micelles, thermodynamics of micellization Nice to know 3 hrs
  Unit IV    
1 Study of fast reactions Good To Know 2 hrs
2 Flow methods, Relaxation method, Flash photolysis and    shock tube method. Nice to know 2 hrs
3 Theories of unimolecular reactions Must Know 2 hrs
4 Lindemann’s  theory, Hinshelwoods treatment, R.R.K. and R.R.K.M. theories    
5 The theory of absolute reaction rates, Must Know 2 hrs
6 Potential energy surfaces, activation energies Good To Know 3 hrs
7 London-Eyring – Polanyi method for the calculation of energy of activation Nice to know 4 hrs

Books Recommended:
1. Bockris, J.O.M. and A.K.N. Reddy. Modern Electrochemistry Vol.1& 2.
1. Laidler, K.J. Chemical Kinetics.
2. Frost, A. and G.Pearson. Kinetics and Mechanism of Reaction Rates.
3. Laidler, K.J., H. Eyring and S. Glasstone. Theories of Reaction Rates.
4. Glasstone, S. Electrochemistry.