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Title: Physical Chemistry-II (Code-09040202)

S.No Topic Domain Hours
  Unit I    
1 Schrodinger wave equation for a particle in a three dimensional box. Nice to know 1 hrs
2 The concept of degeneracy among energy levels for a particle in three dimensional box Nice to know 2 hrs
3 Schrodinger wave equation for a linear harmonic oscillator & its solution by polynomial method. Must Know 3 hrs
4 Zero point energy of a particle possessing harmonic motion and its consequence Must Know 2 hrs
5 Schrodinger wave equation for three dimensional Rigid rotator, energy of  rigid rotator, space quantization; Schrodinger wave equation for hydrogen atom Nice to know 2 hrs
6 Separation of variable in polar spherical coordinates and its solution, principle, azimuthal and magnetic quantum numbers and the magnitude of their values Must Know  
7 Probability distribution function, radial distribution function and shape of atomic orbitals (s,p & d). Good To Know 1 hrs
  Unit II    
1 Brief resume of first and second Law of thermodynamics Must Know 2 hrs
2 Entropy changes in reversible and irreversible processes; variation of entropy with temperature , pressure and volume, entropy concept as a measure of unavailable thermodynamic derivation Good To Know 3 hrs
3 Third law of thermodynamics (Nernest heat theorem, determination of absolute entropy, unattainability of absolute zero) and its limitation. Nice to know 3 hrs
4 Phase Rule, Phase diagram for two completely miscible components systems Nice to know  
5 Concepts of fugacity, fugacity of gases and its determination Must Know 3 hrs
6 Activity and activity coefficient, choice of standard states, determination of activity coefficient for solute and solvent. Must Know 3 hrs
  Unit III    
1 Chain reactions: hydrogen – bromine reaction, pyrolysis of acetaldehyde, decomposition of ethane Good To Know 3 hrs
2 Photochemical reactions (hydrogen – bromine & hydrogen -chlorine reactions Nice to know 4 hrs
3 General treatment of chain reactions  (ortho -para hydrogen conversion and hydrogen – bromine reactions), apparent activation energy of chain reactions, chain length Good To Know 3 hrs
4 Rice- Herzfeld mechanism of organic molecules decomposition(acetaldehyde)  Branching chain reactions and explosions ( H2 – O2 reaction) Must Know 2 hrs
5 Kinetics of (one intermediate) enzymatic reaction : Michaelis – Menton treatment, evaluation of Michaelis ‘s constant for enzyme – substrate binding by Lineweaver – Burk  plot and Eadie- Hofstae methods Nice to know 3 hrs
6 Competitive and non-competitive inhibition. Must Know 2 hrs
  Unit IV    
1 Ionic movement under the influence of an electric field , mobility of ions, ionic drift velocity and its relation with current density. Good To Know 3 hrs
2 Einstein relation between the absolute mobility and diffusion coefficient, the Stokes- Einstein relation Nice to know 4 hrs
3 The Nernst -Einstein equation, Waldens rule, the Rate- Process approach to ionic migration Good To Know 3 hrs
4 The Rate process equation for equivalent conductivity, total driving force for ionic  transport, Must Know 2 hrs
5 Nernst – Planck Flux equation, ionic drift and diffusion potential Nice to know 3 hrs
6 The Onsager phenomenological equations.  The basic equation for the diffusion, Planck- Henderson equation for the diffusion potential Must Know 2 hrs


Books Recommended:
1. Glasstone, S. Thermodynamics for chemists.
2. Barraw, G.M. Physical Chemistry.
3. Srivastava, R.C,. S.K. Saha and A.K. Jain. Thermodynamics.
4. Bockris, J.O.M. and A.K.N. Reddy Modern Electrochemistry. Vol.1.
5. Laidler, K.J. Chemical Kinetics.
6. Frost, A. and G. Pearson. Kinetics & Mechanism of Reaction Rates.
7. Eyring, H. Modern Chemical Kinetics.
8. Laidler, K.J., H. Eyring and S. Glasstone. Theories of Reaction Rates.
9. Glasstone, S. Theoretical Chemistry.