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Title: Physical Chemistry-II  (Code-09040308)

S.No Topic Domain Hours
  Unit I    
1 Concept of distribution, thermodynamic probability and most probable distribution Must Know 2 hrs
2 Canonical, grand canonical and micro canonical ensembles Nice to know 1 hrs
3 Maxwell – Boltzmann statistics, Statistical thermodynamic formulation of Maxwell – Boltzmann distribution law Must Know 3 hrs
4 Maxwell – Boltzmann law of distribution of energy and evaluation of average velocity, root mean square velocity Nice to know 3 hrs
5 Law of equipartition of energy; Partition function and its factorization Good To Know 2 hrs
6 Relationship of atomic and molar partition function to thermodynamic properties Must Know 2 hrs
7 (I) internal energy (ii) entropy (iii) Gibb’s free energy (iv) heat contant (v) work function (vi) pressure (vii) heat capacity at constant volume Good To Know 1 hrs
8 Derivation of equation of state for a mono atomic ideal gas. Nice to know 2 hrs
  Unit II    
1 Translational partition function, calculation of absolute entropy of an ideal monoatomic gas, Seckure -Tetrode equation Must Know 3 hrs
2 Vibrational, Rotational, & electronic partition function of diatomic molecules Nice to know  2 hrs
3 Derivation of expressions for transitional ,vibrational, rotational, electronic energy; expressions for entropy Must Know 2 hrs
4 Gibbs free energy, work function due to transitional, vibrational and rotational motion of a molecule Good To Know 2 hrs
5 Effect of change of zero point energy on partition function and also on thermodynamic properties like internal energy Good To Know 2 hrs
6 Gibbs free energy, enthalpy, work function & entropy Nice to know 2 hrs
7 Chemical equilibrium and equilibrium constant in terms of partition functions, Free energy function Good To Know 2 hrs
  Unit III    
1 Quantum mechanical treatment of Helium atom and the failure of rigorous quantum mechanical method Must Know 4 hrs
2 Need of approximate methods, first order perturbation theory (excluding time dependent), variation principle Good To Know 3 hrs
3 Application of first order perturbation and variation principle to evaluate ground state of helium atom Must Know 2 hrs
4 Applicability of perturbation theory to an electron in a one dimensional box under the influence of electric field Nice to know 2 hrs
  Unit IV    
1 Valance bond method Must Know 2 hrs
2 Valance bond method to hydrogen, hydrogen molecule ion. Good To Know 3 hrs
3 Their symmetric and anti symmetric solution without actual valuation of various integrals Must Know 2 hrs
4 Energy of molecular hydrogen system, LCAO-MO approximation Must Know 2 hrs
5 Refined treatment of hydrogen molecules Nice to know 1 hrs
6 Concept of resonance and its role in the stability of hydrogen molecule ion, electron spin Good To Know 2 hrs
7 Pauli’s exclusion principle, hybridization. Nice to know 2 hrs


Books Recommended:
1. Glasstone, S. Theoretical Chemistry.
2.  Levinine. Quantum Chemistry.
3.  Pauling, Eyring and Wilson. Quantum Chemistry
4. Nash, L.K. Introduction to Statistical Mechanics