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Title: Physical special –VI (Code-09040409)

S.No Topic Domain Hours
  Unit I    
1 Symmetry elements and symmetry operation group and its properties Must Know 2 hrs
2 Multiplication table, point symmetry groups Must Know 1 hrs
3 Schonflies symbol Good To Know 1 hrs
4 Representations of groups by matrices (representation for the Cn, Cnv, Cnh, Dnh etc. groups to be worked out explicity Must Know 2 hrs
5 Irreduceable representation of groups Nice to know 1 hrs
6 the great orthogonality theorem (without proof) and its importance Must Know 1 hrs
7 Character tables and their use in spectroscopy Good To Know 1 hrs
Unit II
1 Free electron model, spectra of carbonyl group Must Know 2 hrs
2 Spectra of ethene, n-II and II-II transitions, spectra of benzene Must Know 3 hrs
3 Spectra of transition metals, charge-transfer transition Nice to know  2 hrs
4 Fluorescence phosphorescence Must Know 2 hrs
5 Theory of Raman effect, Classical theory of Raman effect Good To Know 2 hrs
6 Rotational Raman spectra, Raman  activity of vibrations Good To Know 1 hrs
7 Vibrational Raman spectra, polarization of light and Raman effect, applications. Nice to know 2 hrs
  Unit III
1 Uniform corrosion, galvanic corrosion, pitting corrosion Must Know 2 hrs
2 crevice corrosion, intergranular corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, corrosion Nice to know 1 hrs
3 Dfatigue, fretting corrosion, dealloying, Good To Know 2 hrs
4 hydrogen embrittlement, erosion corrosion Must Know 1 hrs
5 microbial induced corrosion, Good To Know 2 hrs
6 filliform corrosion and exfoliation. Must Know 2 hrs
  Unit IV
1 Atmospheric corrosion and high temperature oxidation Nice to know 2 hrs
2 Corrosion in industrial cooling water system Must Know 2 hrs
3 Corrosion in boilers and condensate pipe lines Good To Know 1 hrs
4 Corrosion due to acids, corrosion during metal surface Nice to know 2 hrs
5 Cleaning and descaling, corrosion during storage and transportation of metallic articles Must Know 1 hrs
6 Corrosion in various industries. Nice to know 1 hrs


Books Recommended:
1. Vincent, A. Molecular Symmetry and Group Ttheory.
2. Bauim, A. Nass. Applied Group Theory.
3. Swarnlakshmi, S., T. Saroja and R.M. Ezhilarasi. Group Theory in Chemistry.
4. Barrow, G.M. Introduction of Molecular Spectroscopy.
5. Banwell, C.N. Fundamental of Molecular Spectroscopy.
6. Sastri, V.S. Corrosion Inhibitors: Principles & Applications.
7. Trephewey, K.R. and J. Chamberlain. Corrosion.
8. Narain, Raj. Introduction to Metallic Corrosion and its Prevention.
9. Mukherjee, S.N. Introduction to the  of Corrosion and its Inhibition.
10. Fontana, M.G. Corrosion Engineering.