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B.Sc. Mathematics (Hons) – 2nd  semester

S.No. Topic Domain Hours as per UGC
1 ·         Semiconductor Diodes: Energy bands in solids. Intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor, Hall effect, P-N junction diode and their V-I characteristics. Zener and avalanche breakdown. Resistance of a diode, Light Emitting diodes (LED). Photo conduction in semiconductors, photodiode, Solar Cell.

·         Diode Rectifiers: P-N junction half wave and full wave rectifier. Types of filter circuits. Zener diode as voltage regulator, simple regulated power supply.

Must know 14
2 ·         Transistors: Junction Transistors, Bipolar transistors, working of NPN and PNP transistors, Transistor connections (C-B, C-E, CC mode), constants of transistor. Transistor characteristic curves (excluding h parameter analysis), advantage of C-B configuration. Must know 15
3 ·         Transistor Amplifiers: Different methods of Transistor biasing and stabilization. D.C. load line. Classification of amplifiers, Common-base, common-emitteer amplifiers. Resistance-capacitance (R-C) coupled amplifier (two stage; concept of band width, no derivation). Feed-back in amplifiers, advantage of negative feedback..

·         Oscillators: Oscillators, Principle of Oscillation, Classification of Oscillator. Condition for self sustained oscillation ; Hartley oscillator.

Nice to know 8
4 ·         Lasers ; Main features of a laser : Directionality, high intensity, high degree of coherence, spatial and

·         temporal coherence, Einstein’s coefficients and possibility of amplification, momentum transfer, life time of a level, kinetics of optical absorption. Laser pumping, Population inversions and laser action, He-Ne laser and Semi-conductor laser (Principle, Construction and Working). Applications of laser and laser action.


Nice to know 10


Books Recommended:

  1. Solid State Electronics Devices by BG Streetman, Prentice Hall of India
  2. Basic Electronics and Linear circuits by N.N. Bhargava, D.C. Kulshreshtha and S.C.Gupta (TITI, CHD).
  3. Electronic Fundamentals and Applications by J.D. Ryder (Prentice Hall India.)
  4. Lassers, Theory and Application (2nd Ed.) by Thagrajan and Ajay Ghatak.
  5. Laser and Nonlinear Optics by B.B. Laud (2nd