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Title: PHYSICS – IV (Code-09050406)

B.Sc. (Hons), Semester-IV

S.No. Topic Domain Hrs
1 Computer Programming Computer organisation, Binary representation, Algorithm development, flow charts and their interpretation.Fortran Preliminaries; Integer and floating point arithmetic expression, built in functions executable and non-executable statements, input and output statements, Formats, I.F. DO and GO TO statements, Dimesion arrays statement function and function subprogram. Must know 14
2 Statistical Mechanics Probability, some probability considerations, combinations possessing maximum probability, combinations possessing minimum probability, distribution of molecules in two boxes. Case with weightage (general). Phase space, microstates and macrostates, statistical fluctuations constraints and accessible States Thermodynamical probability. Must know 12
3 Postulates of Statistical Physics. Division of Phase space into cells, Condition of equilibrium between two system in thermal contact. b-Parameter. Entropy and Probability, Boltzman’s distribution law. Evaluation of A and b. Bose-Einstein statistics, Application of B.E. Statistics

to Plancks’s radiation law, B.E. gas

Must know 10
4 Quantum Mechanics Failure of (Classical) E.M. Theory. quantum theory of radiatio (old quantum theory), Photon, photoelectric effect and Einsteins photoelectric equation Compton effect (theory and result). Inadequancy of old quantum theory, de-Broglie hypothesis. Davisson

and Germer experiment. G.P. Thomson experiment. Phase velocity group velocity, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. Time-energy and angular momentum, position uncertainty, Uncertainty principle from de-Broglie wave, (wave-partice duality). Gamma Ray Microscope, Electron diffraction from a slit. Derivation of time dependent Schrodinger wave equation.

Nice to know 14


Books Recommended:

  1. Rajaraman, Fortran Programming.
  2. Schaum Series, Fortran 77.
  3. Ram Kumar, Programming with Fortran – 77.
  4. B. Laud, “Introduction to Statistical Mechanics” (Macmillan 1981).
  5. Reif, “Statistical Physics’ (McGraw Hill 1988).
  6. Quantum Mechanics by L.I. Schiff, McGraw Hill Book Company, Inc.
  7. Quantum Mechanics by B. Crasemand and J.D. Powel (Addison Wesley.