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Webinar on Optical Sensors

Webinar on Optical Sensors

A webinar on “Optical Sensors” was organized by Savant Association, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science. The speaker for this webinar was Prof. Sachin Kumar Srivastava, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, IIT Roorkee, Roorkee, India.

The field of #Optics and #Photonics has fascinated #Researchers due to enhanced #Sensing and detection #Mechanisms, #Miniature and cost-effective devices, non-invasive #Techniques, and many more. #Sensors based on principles of optics have got huge attention in the development of #Biosensors for #Clinical diagnostics, #Environmental Sensing, and #Foodquality control, etc.

Dr Srivastava started webinar with the introduction of basic principles of sensors, their characteristics, and components, this #Talk brought the learner to the amazing world of optical sensors based on the basic principles of Optics. Briefly, the sensors based on critical #Angle, total #Internal reflection/ #Evanescent waves, and surface #Plasmon resonance were discussed.

After this webinar session, participants were feeling very refreshed. Many of them gave their feedbacks in the chat box itself. There were 104 registered and live participants. This session was much appreciated by the participants.

All registered students who attended the Webinar were facilitated with the Certificate of Participation.