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World Water Day Celebration 2021

World Water Day Celebration 2021

Kadam Association of Department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Science, under the aegis of Social Entrepreneurship, Swachhta & Rural Engagement Cell (SESREC) & IQAC, SGTU, celebrated World Water Day 2021 on 22nd March 2021. On this occasion, an array of expert talks and fun events were conducted.  A total of 200+ students and 39 faculty members attended the occasion.

Session started with the welcoming address and motivational words by Prof. (Dr.) Lakhwinder Singh, Dean, Faculty of Science, SGTU. Prof. Singh welcomed the invited guests and said that water crisis is the major issue round the world and we have to plan sustainable use of potable water by which water can be available for future generations. Prof. Lakhwinder Singh also briefly discussed about various water conservation practices carried by local communities in rural areas of India. Then, Mrs. Manish Karape, National Coordinator SESRAC Project, also enlightened the audience about the various activities of Social Entrepreneurship, Swachhta & Rural Engagement Cell (SESREC) planned on World Water Day. She also congratulated the Faculty of Science team for celebrating World Water Day 2021.

To start with expert talks, Invitee speaker Dr. Chander Kumar Singh, Department of Energy and Environment, TERI School of Advanced Studies, New Delhi discussed on, “Ground water Contamination: Arsenic Poisoning and its Mitigation in India”. Dr. Chander Kumar Singh discussed that Arsenic has been known to cause a number of hazardous health effects in humans as a consequence of exposure through drinking-water, when present in excessive quantities.  According to Dr. Kumar long-term exposure to arsenic in drinking-water is related to increased risks of cancer in the skin, lungs, bladder and kidney. He also discussed various chemical treatments which are in practice worldwide to control Arsenic concentration in drinking water.

 Next, Dr. Ritesh Arya, Managing Director, Arya Drillers, India (Former Director, Water & Geothermal Section, International Sustainable Energy Organization, Geneva and Guinness World Records Holder in ground water exploration) who was the Special Invitee Speaker of the day discussed various aspects of ground water exploration in Hilly Regions. Dr. Arya discussed many interesting facts about the ground water resource management in different rural, urban and military areas. Dr. Arya concluded that Climate Change is a natural cyclic process consisting of repeated warming and cooling cycles. Dr. Arya also remarked that “Man creates pollution and not changes in Climate”. Dr. Arya also shared his journey of success in ground water exploration with audience which was really motivating and full of interesting episodes from his life. He also motivated the present students, faculty and staff members in regard to water conservation and environment preservation.

Water conservation pledge taking ceremony was also conducted for all the present students and faculty/staff members to sensitize then about water conservation.

Further to boost the enthusiasm of students, two fun Events viz. Water Conservation Race and Poster competition were also organized. Students like these completions a lot and enjoyed thoroughly while participating in them with their full zeal. Winners of the completions were bestowed with prizes. The day was full of fun and information for all and ended with vote of thanks by Dr. Abhishek Swami, Head, Department of Environmental Science, FOSC.

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