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Top Jobs and Careers in Environmental Science

Environmental Science is a field that is becoming increasingly important as climate change, pollution, and other environmental issues become more pressing. In India, there are a variety of jobs and careers in environmental science that are in high demand. These jobs range from entry-level positions to more advanced roles and can be found in government, non-profit, and private sector organizations. In this article we will explain the top jobs and careers in Environmental Science in India.

Environmental Science Jobs and Careers in India

Environmental sciences are an important area of growth with numerous corporate wings and industries developed around it to cater to the pressing demands of environment conservation. A lot of funding is being generated by this sector, especially in areas of research and development. Therefore, a lot of jobs are available in it, both in the government and private sector. The following are some of the common environmental science jobs and careers in India:

  • Environmental Engineers: They are responsible for designing and implementing systems that protect and improve the environment. They may work on projects such as designing and building waste treatment plants, developing clean energy systems, and designing systems to control air and water pollution.
  • Environmental Policy/ Advocacy: For those interested in policy and advocacy, a career in environmental policy or advocacy is a good fit. Environmental policy professionals work to shape policies and regulations that protect the environment, while environmental advocates work to raise awareness and mobilize support for environmental issues.
  • Environmental Consultant: Environmental consultants work with organizations to help them understand and comply with environmental regulations. They may also conduct environmental assessments and provide recommendations for improving environmental performance.
  • Environmental Education: Environmental educators work to educate the public about environmental issues and inspire individuals and communities to take action to protect the environment. They work as a teacher in schools, colleges, and research institutions.
  • Environmental Scientists: Environmental sciences in India include roles such as environmental scientists, who conduct research on environmental issues and provide information to inform policy decisions, and sustainability professionals, who work to promote sustainable practices within organizations.
  • Conservation Biologists: For those with a passion for conservation and wildlife, a career in conservation biology or wildlife management may be a good fit. Conservation biologists work to protect endangered species and their habitats, while wildlife managers work to manage and protect wild animals and their habitats.

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Environmental Science Jobs for Freshers

Jobs for Environmental Science freshers are listed below:

  • Assistant lab in-charge
  • Assistant wildlife manager
  • Climate Controller
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Environmental Officer
  • Junior environmental photographer
  • Research Associate
  • Waste Management Officer

Environmental Science Jobs for Experienced Candidates

  • Environmental Health & Safety Officer
  • Environmental Health Manager
  • Environmental Policy/Advocacy
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Lecturer
  • Safety Assistant Manager
  • Water Resource Specialist
  • Wildlife Film-Maker

Environmental Science Eligibility

For those looking to enter the field of environmental science in India, a degree in environmental science, engineering, or a related field is generally required. Many universities in India offer undergraduate and graduate programs in environmental science, like Master of Science in Environmental Science.

The following are the essential requirements for admission to the MSc in Environmental Science programme:

  • Possess a bachelor’s degree in the required field.
  • Candidates must have minimum 50% marks in graduation.

Best MSc Environmental Science College in Delhi NCR and Haryana

One of the top private universities in Haryana and Delhi for Environmental Sciences is SGT University, Gurgaon. The university has:

  • Air-conditioned smart classrooms
  • High-tech labs that give students hands-on learning opportunities
  • Well-stocked libraries with thousands of books covering all areas of academic/research study
  • Regular guest lectures, industrial visits, short-term projects, workshops, seminars, webinars, conferences, etc. to help students network with industry insiders.
  • Several MoUs between SGT University and organizations like the DRDO, BARC, CSIR Laboratories, FRI, ZSI, and CPCB, for environmental projects.
  • 100% placement aid through Corporate Resource Centre (CRC) for students.

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Overall, the field of environmental science in India offers a variety of exciting and fulfilling career opportunities. As the importance of addressing environmental issues continues to grow, the demand for professionals in this field is also likely to increase. SGT University is the ideal fit to learn msc in environmental science and secure a career.

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