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Uses of Mobile Application for Measurements in Crime Scene Investigation

A crime location is where a crime has happened. Revealing a crime location is a significant part of the examination and reconstruction process. Capturing, recording, outlining, and taking notes are standard strategies utilized by Investigating Officers to report the crime location.

During crime location outlining (sketching), measurements are recorded for the general crime location and documentation for long-lasting records, preliminary audit, and crime recreation. Taking a measurement is generally a tedious and time-consuming task. It requires a lot of exertion and the support of various people.

I want to discuss how effectively I’ve involved specific mobile applications in iOS and Android operating systems to quantify the crime location and confirmations in one of the simulated investigations. Earlier, the activity to measure a crime scene used to be more complex, and now, using mobile apps, it is a lot simpler than utilizing a traditional measuring tape.

There hasn’t been a lot of investigation into the precision of cell phone applications for crime location measures. Siamese Systems has accomplished almost no work on MobileCSITM before. 

Scientists have involved many intricacy models for the visual look of a User Interface in prior examinations. An investigation was directed utilizing various versatile mobile applications to evaluate the legitimacy of the actions.

This blog portrays how we fostered a simulated crime scene to imitate an actual crime location. The evidence was well marked for identification, and various pictures were taken utilizing close-up focal points and aerial photography. 

From that point onward, we started taking measurements. Photographs and measurements were taken using mainly three Applications:

1. Conventional Measurement Tape Method.

2. Measurements Utilizing Android Application’ Tape MeasureTM’

3. Measurements Utilizing iOS Apple application ‘Measure’ 

Figure-1: Image-showing-the-simulated-crime-scene

Statistical testing was utilized to check whether there were any significant variations in the method for tests of various measurement methods. For example, manual measuring tape and mobile applications draw near, which can be connected to explicit qualities. A portion of the photos procured during the estimations are displayed below:

Figure 2: Measurements taken by manual tape method
Figure 2: Measurements taken by manual tape method

Below image shows one example of the measurement by the Android application:


 Below image shows one example of the measurement by IoS application:


As detailed earlier, that statistical analysis (t-test) was performed to see the accuracy of the applications, as shown in the table below:


Conclusion: Accurate measurements of the evidence on the crime location are a primary assignment for the examining official or the scientific experts on the scene. This helps in the examination and investigation of the crime, the modus operandi, the corpus delicti, and the reconstruction of the crime scene. The old and traditional methods consume a lot of time, require countless specialists, and can possibly lose evidence sometimes. 

After an exhaustive assessment of both the mobile applications – Tape MeasureTM, and MeasureTM, it was found that both are better than the conventional measurement tape technique. Notwithstanding, careful thought ought to be given to choosing the exact place of estimations in the applications, the proper placing of the mobile camera, the versatile camera’s dependability, and the point of photography are the significant issues of concern.

Written By:

Dr Bhoopesh Kumar Sharma,

Associate Professor Department of Forensic Science,

Faculty of Science, SGT University, Gurugram,

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