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Cybersecurity in this digital evolutionary era has become a necessary topic of discussion in information management systems. When it comes to securing and managing information, it incorporates all the domains and sectors involving government sections, education sector, corporate, etc. Consequently, cyber professionals, employees, and users in every sphere have started realizing and acknowledging the importance of cyber security in management systems and daily life to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of the data.

The average usage duration of the internet and digital device in a day of human life is growing every day with the advancements in the internet speed and innovations. People spend a substantial amount of time online without realizing the dangerous and malicious effects of the internet. Corporate, government sectors and educational institutes and universities are installing and implementing distinct cybersecurity measures to protect their data and system from cyber-attacks and data breaches. Organizations and institutes invest a substantial amount of money in the superior quality of cybersecurity to offer confidentiality to personal data. Processes like net banking, money transfer, and uploading identity proofs, require high-quality cyber security and trained professionals in preventing and combating cyber threats.

The education sector, with the development and recognition of EdTech, plays a significant role in measuring the advantages of cybersecurity in protecting the students’ personal and academic data, and confidential research. Ransomware attacks in recent years significantly highlight the monetary, operational, and reputational damage to the biggest organizations. Cyber-attacks are getting threatening and critical with every passing day across the world. Any organization/business/institute compromising with the information security management systems is doing nothing but offering acquiescence to the hackers and the people with bad intentions.

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To start with our devices only, we can set up the foundation of cyber security by following these healthy digital habits:

  • Do not please by the “Free” software and applications available online.
  • Get updated and educated with the current data protection services and protocols.
  • Knowing and understanding “Terms of Use and Privacy Policies” before saying “Yes” to them.
  • Self-created “checklist” of cybersecurity guidelines according to our working and professional requirements.
  • Using “Social Media” with the understanding of its illicit anonymity.
  • Investing in cyber security
  • Creating strong passwords and following the policy of “non-sharing
  • Never share your confidential and personal information, even in faith.
  • Acknowledging the concerns and asking the same to acquire corresponding knowledge.

Dr. Priyanka Verma

Assistant Professor

Department of Forensic Science

Faculty of Science

SGT University

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