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Pursuing Career In Physics Can Take You Places

Physics is the most important branch of science that deals with the study of matter, its motion, and the description of universal laws related to space, time, and energy. Physics provides us knowledge of nature behaviour with experiment validation. Despite being an academically advanced and technically demanding postgraduate subject area, graduation and post-graduation degree in physics lends itself to a range of more vocational professions.

Department of Physics, SGT University aims to become a centre of education and research through new and more practical teaching-learning processes along with the promotion of innovations and entrepreneurship for the growth of society and nation. The M.Sc. Physics Course at SGT University offers participants to consolidate their knowledge in advanced theoretical and experimental physics with specialization in Electronics, condensed matter physics and nuclear physics. After completion of M.Sc. Physics program, the candidate will acquire scientific knowledge to recognize scientific methods to analyze theoretical and practical problems, conduct experiments and develop solutions with relevance to local and global development. The students are also expected to exhibit social responsibility and ethics for the interest of nation and society.

The choice-based credit system (CBCS) ensures learning in all aspects of Physics as well as in various interdisciplinary areas. The Core Courses like Mathematical Physics, Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism enable the students to use various mathematical techniques, study motion of a body with Lagrangian formulation and Hamilton’s principle, understand the importance of quantum mechanics at microscopic level, describe the concept involved in Bose-Einstein condensation, Ising model and Brownian motion and know about radiation fields of moving charge & plasmas.

The Discipline Specific Elective subjects like condensed matter physics, electronics, nuclear physics provide an understanding of electronic circuits, optical and magnetic properties of matter, particle identification and working principles of particle accelerators. On the other hand, the Skill Enhancement Courses focus on strengthening the knowledge and skills of students in various interdisciplinary and applied fields.

National Education Policy (NEP) has been implemented in B.Sc. Non-medical program in accordance with the guidelines, syllabus and curriculum of UGC. The curriculum provides flexibility in the courses with relevance to employability and higher education of the students. At the end of this program, the students will be able to acquire fundamental concepts of physics, execute experimentation, perform measurements, analyze experimental data, communicate scientific content for academic and professional practices. The Core Courses like Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Thermal Physics, Statistical Mechanics enable the students to understand the motion of a body, general properties of matter, basic principles of electricity and magnetism, laws of thermodynamics, different statistical distributions. The Discipline Specific Elective Courses like Solid State Physics, Atomic molecular and Laser Physics, Elements of Modern Physics, Quantum Mechanics provide an understanding of key properties of many-electron atoms, atomic spectral lines, quantum mechanical view of particle and wave nature, time-dependent and time-independent Schrodinger wave equations. On the other hand, the Skill Enhancement Courses improves students’ computational and physics workshop skills.

At the successful completion of both graduation and post-graduation programs, students acquire knowledge and understanding of concepts in Physics, cognitive skills and affective skills.

Career Opportunities, Internships, and Placement

SGT University has a Corporate Resource Centre (CRC) with well-equipped and staffed. CRC helps students with internships and placements. The CRC team includes Placement Managers, full-time soft-skills trainers, Language teachers, and placement coordinators. The CRC team ensures that students get not only good job opportunities but also provide constant industry interaction with experts during their program. CRC ties up with industries across verticals to arrange Guest lectures, industry visits, short-term projects, summer internships, industry workshops & training and finally, placements beyond this CRC organizes on-campus, off-campus and pool-campus placement drives for students.

  • Space Scientist Opportunities in ISRO, IIRS and other reputed places.
  • Scientist in DRDO, BARC and CSIR Laboratories
  • Government Services like IAS, PCS, PO, Banking

(This article is written by Dr. Mukesh Kumar,  Associate Professor & Head, Faculty of Science SGT University.)

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